Being a Creative Being

I have many things that I am interested in and love to do (my niches). To just settle on one interest would be boring and unrealistic.

My Niches

  • Teaching
  • Photography
  • Program Planning and Facilitation
  • Eczema Skin Healing Coach
  • Naturalistic Living
  • Tarot / Oracle Card Reading
  • Soap Making

We don’t have to try super hard to be a creative and playful being . We are all creative human beings. We are born creative and inquisitive. Make the time to just do something that makes you laugh or feel giddy inside. I encourage you to explore and find all the niches you have locked up inside of you. Maybe you love dressing up poodles and taking pictures or maybe you like collecting glass eyeballs. If that is your niche love it and have fun.

I would love to hear about what you find inside and what you choose to explore. You may rekindle a favourite childhood past time that becomes a new source of joy in your life.