Sane with Four

This is an archive post. A journal entry written back in 2017.

When we first found out we thought  “Wow. Really. 4 children. oh goodness! There goes our sanity and whatever extra time and resources we thought we had”.  It was already difficult to keep my composure with the three we already had. I was losing things, easily agitated and was always turning my head sideways thinking it would help me understand what was going on in my house. LOL. I was beginning to finally be able to eat in my own chair,  sit in the front seat of the car and not sleep with kids in the bed every night. Hey, I was even just getting my body back, minus the boobs. We all know those will never be the same.

For the record I am always in disbelief when I find out I am pregnant. It takes a while to sink in. Now that a few months have passed (four) I am out of the denial phase and am accepting this new challenge and like every parent out there, hope to not make the same mistakes we made with the first few kids. This is a time for improvement right?  I will make a *cough* short *cough* list of those mistakes later.

I know to some people four children doesn’t seem like a lot or its manageable and I am very sure it is.  To anyone with a growing family, any addition is a challenge and new way of learning to cope, or should I say adapt, to that change in your life. I know there are people who are trying to juggle 8 or 19 odd kids, but I do not feel that it devalues my experience.

I continue to say this and I think I just have to put it up on my wall. I have learned that as we continue to share with one another, we learn more about ourselves. We are all one in the same and are connected through the experience and existence of life.

Talk to you soon.