3 Ways to Use Aloe Vera to Heal Your Skin

Having a skin condition like eczema can be a pain and highly irritating. Especially if you are sitting on the couch scratching your skin like there is no tomorrow. All those bloody nights where you can’t sleep or wake up not realizing you have scratched your skin raw. Blood, puss, scabs all the nasty things you want to avoid but it is hard to stop because the itching irritation demands to be dealt with.

So let’s deal with it. Here Are 3 ways to use aloe vera to heal your skin, that will help to alleviate your itchy irritated eczema symptoms and cool your skin.

You Will Need:

You can find either of these items in store. When purchasing the bottled pure Aloe Vera gel, please look at the ingredients to make sure they are using at least 99.7% pure aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Gel Cubes

The first way to use aloe to heal your skin is as frozen Aloe Vera gel cubes.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry your silicone mold
  • Pour aloe vera gel into the silicone cube tray.
  • cover with lid to keep out contaminants
  • freeze your cubes
  • When Frozen, your can empty your frozen cubes into a large resealable bag or container
  • Take out of freezer and thaw/use as needed

Aloe Vera Gel Leaf Chunks´╗┐

Secondly you can just cut the aloe vera leaf into one inch chunks

  • Thoroughly rinse and pat dry your aloe vera leaf
  • Use a sharp knife to cut your leaf into one inch chunks
  • Place aloe vera chunks into resealable bag or container
  • Remember to place it in the freezer or refrigerator
  • Take out of freezer and thaw or use as needed

Aloe Vera Misting Spray

Use pure aloe vera gel for a soothing misting spray

  • Thoroughly clean and dry an empty spray bottle
  • Fill half the spray bottle with aloe vera gel
  • Fill the remaining half of the bottle with water
  • Shake well and keep this misting spray in the fridge
  • take out and use as needed

Use the aloe vera cubes, chunks and misting spray to:

  • cool and soothe itchy skin and irritations
  • cool and soothe sunburns
  • ease mosquito or bug bites
  • cool down inflammation on skin
  • cool down minor burns or slight irritations
  • in skin and hair concoctions to hydrate and moisturize
  • add to your food (aloe smoothie anyone)
  • add to body butters or soaps
  • hydrate or tone face after washing
  • soothe skin after waxing
Aloe vera contains
  • Contains antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E along with vitamin B12 and folic acid.
  • Contains four fatty acids that all provide anti-inflammatory results
  • Contains minerals such as calcium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc
  • Is known to be anti bacterial and anti viral
  • Here are some ways that you can use the plant in fresh or gel form to help soothe and heal your skin fast.

Hope this helps you with healing your skin fast



I am not a doctor. Remember to always defer to your collective health team to treat and diagnose any ailment you might have. I am an Amazon affiliate and provide links for products that may help you on your healing journey. Along with products I know will work well with the things I talk about in my posts. This helps me free up my time to write for you.

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