The Flow Of Connection

You see, I fall in love with hearts

Hearts of men

Hearts of women

Hearts of children

When interacting with someone that is so inside out

Heart on the sleeve

All flesh

All truth

Not hidden or shelled in

It is so compelling, that my heart steps out to greet them.

Smile with them and takes them into my heart as my own.

Often times people can’t handle the exposure.

Hearts begin to calcify

Scared of being so soft

Slowly beating and retreating

This is when I hurt

This is when there is a loss

Of trust

Of true companionship

Of zest

This is when there is a sadness

It becomes challenging to see the humane human potential that once existed.

Sad that we have to hide behind false pretenses and retreat to being singular human beings.

Trying to share a connection

Trying to share an environment

Trying, Trying, Trying.

Never doing

Doing requires connecting, talking, trusting and loving.

So my love stays one sided and distant

But continuing to love the pure true heart

Seeing past the pain

Seeing past most actions

I try to leave my heart out





Every now and then retreating

To mend

To protect

To rest

Only to come out again

Hopefully and not regretfully

Into love