While sitting in a restaurant, in St. John’s, NFL, my son pointed out the window of the restaurant to show me birds flying in the sky. Off to the side I noticed a small tree growing out of this chimney, with what looked like a small bush behind it.  I laughed, then I was automatically flooded with thoughts and images of houses left unkempt with plant overgrowth. No matter what, nature seems to always thrive. Then, I had another thought.

A thought that maybe what I admire so much in this tree, I see a parallel within myself.  Something that is in everyone of us. Like nature, we all have that ability to thrive and grow where ever we are.

Remember we are all organic creations that have been given the ability to adapt and grow. Which means our ability to be resilient is already coded into our DNA. This is something we can all do. 

With this, know that there are  no excuses. No excuses for stalling your goals or ambitions. No excuses for wallowing in the shadows of your doubts. No excuses for allowing yourselves to be uncomfortably stagnant. 

Some people seem to be given optimal conditions and tools for success, but that does not mean they don’t have there challenges and know how to use them. That also does not mean you cannot find, or even make new tools that will work for you.

Just think about this. If this tree can make a life for itself up there. There are no excuses for us  not not have the life we want, grounded, down here.